A brief overview on satellite hacking

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A brief overview on satellite hacking

Dynamic Chiropractic — June 18,Vol. Injust two years after the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell, a group of teenage boys hired to run the switchboards were kicked off of a telephone system in New York. The boys were more interested in knowing how the phone system worked than in making proper connections and directing calls to the correct place.

In essence, they were trying to "hack" the system to see how it worked. Originally, "hacker" did not carry the negative connotations now associated with the term.

A brief overview on satellite hacking

In the late s and early s, computers were much different than the desktop or laptop systems most people are familiar with. In those days, most companies and universities used mainframe computers: It cost thousands of dollars to maintain and operate those machines, and programmers had to fight for access time.

Because of the time and money involved, computer programmers began looking for ways to get the most out of the machines. The best and brightest of those programmers created what they called "hacks" - shortcuts that would modify and improve the performance of a computer's operating system or applications and allow more tasks to be completed in a shorter time.

Not until the early s did the word "hacker" earn disdain, when people like Kevin Mitnick, Kevin Poulsen and Vladimir Levin more on them later began using computers and the internet for their own questionable gains.

Still, for all the negative things hackers have done, I believe they provide a necessary and even valuable service, which I'll elaborate on after a brief timeline of some of the high points or low points, depending on how you look at it in the history of computer hacking Computer Hacking: Computer hobbyist John Draper discovers that a toy whistle included in a box of children's cereal reproduces exactly the hertz audio tone needed to open a telephone line and begin making free long-distance calls.

He adopts the moniker "Captain Crunch," after the cereal and is arrested dozens of times in the next few years for phone tampering. Two members of the Homebrew Computer Club of California begin making "blue boxes," devices based on Draper's discovery that generate different tones to help people hack into the phone system.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, who would later go on to found a company called Apple Computers in The movie "War Games," starring Matthew Broderick, is released in theaters.

A brief overview on satellite hacking

One hacker gets immunity for his testimony; the others are given probation. Eric Corley begins publishing an underground magazine called The Hacker Quarterly, which quickly becomes a clearinghouse for telephone and computer hacking. The following year, a pair of journalists from St.

Louis begin publishing Phrack, an electronic magazine that provides hacking information. The Comprehensive Crime Control Act is passed, which gives the Secret Service jurisdiction over cases of credit card and computer fraud.

In typical congressional fashion, the law doesn't apply to those individuals largely responsible for computer crimes - juveniles. Federal authorities say the teenager - who did most of his hacking from a computer in his bedroom - was only a few steps away from tapping into the company's central telephone switching system, which could have brought most of the nation's telephone networks and communications systems to a standstill.

The program itself is mostly harmless; users whose computers are infected with the virus find a small file added to their hard drive containing an unencrypted text message giving contact information for a "Brain Computer Services" in Pakistan. Robert Morris, a year-old graduate student from Cornell University releases a self-replicating virus on the Internet designed to exploit security holes in UNIX systems.

The virus eventually infects more than 6, systems - roughly one-tenth of the Internet's computers at the time - and virtually shuts down the entire network for two days. Based at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, its mission is to investigate attacks on computer networks.

Five West German computer users are arrested on espionage charges after an administrator at UC Berkeley detects and tracks their intrusions into U. The hackers are charged with selling information and software to the KGB; three are convicted and sentenced to prison terms, but none of the hackers ever spends any time behind bars.

In a separate incident, a hacker who goes by the name of "The Mentor" publishes a now-famous treatise on hacking, The Conscience of a Hacker.

The work ends with the line: Four members of a band of hackers from the Southeastern United States affectionately known as the "Legion of Doom" are arrested for stealing the technical specifications for BellSouth's emergency telephone network.A Brief Overview on satellite hacking By Anchises Moraes Guimarães de Paula, iDefense JULy I HItb MagazIne 17 information security.

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A Brief Overview on satellite hacking By Anchises Moraes Guimarães de Paula, iDefense JULy I HItb MagazIne 17 information security. B roadband Internet access via satel-lite is available almost worldwide. Satellite Internet services are the only possible method of connect- ing remote areas, the sea or countries where.

Hacking a $10 ISM Band Radio into a Viable Satellite Transceiver: $50SAT and the RFM22B. Before the word “hacking” became synonymous with computer crime, one of its meanings was to “use a device in a way it was not originally intended”.

In this presentation, I will give a brief overview of $50SAT, and then proceed with a discussion.

Are Satellites Vulnerable to Hackers?