An analysis of the holmbergs mistakes as evidenced by charles c mann

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An analysis of the holmbergs mistakes as evidenced by charles c mann

Abstract This study explores the effects of mobile package advertisements on the cultural transformation among youth BZU-Bahadur Campus.


It was explore that all the respondents one way or the other use mass media Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Internet and Outdoor Sources for gaining information about mobile package advertisements. The comparative analysis of the selected type of media, however, showed that overall respondents preferred television relatively more for acquiring information about mobile package advertisements followed by other mass media channels.

The respondents had for less dependency on the internet for this purpose. It was evident from the empirical findings that overwhelming majority of the respondents did not listen to radio for acquiring information about mobile package advertisements. The analysis explored that the respondents who spent more time on media for mobile package advertisements got more information from these sources accordingly.

The critical analyses of empirical evidence in terms of reason behind using the connection they are subscribing reveled that, overall majority of the both male and female respondents using their connection because of good signal service as well as sms packages.

Finding regarding peers both male and female showed same situation while female respondents like to use the connections only for the purpose of sending messages. Transformation of a culture is subject to ambitions, adoptions and goals of the youth.

In this modern era, the major target of cellular companies is youth. Through mobile package advertisements youth is attracted to increase sales and income of cellular companies, but it is up to the youth that how much acceptance and receptiveness is shown by them.

Development of technology is hallmark of modern world and youth is pivotal point if this advancement. Well established and flourishing cultures are dominating the frail ones. The question to be noted is whey these companies are offering new packages without exploring the outlook of youth the purpose behind these packages should be explored whether they are to facilitate the layman or youth only.

Actually students are severely affected by these packages and they are losing their interest in their studies. They are diverting from their goals. Their creative and innovative tendencies are getting faded due to prolonged telephonic contacts cited at: Almost everybody is growing in an atmosphere saturated with mass media, consisting of television, newspapers, radio, magazines, internet, advertising, films, billboards and music.

In the early s, Du Mont television network started the new cult of specifying some time for commercial advertising on the screen in s new trends introduced in advertising phenomenon that had glamorous attractions for the audience.

The youth and children are favorite target of advertising companies cited at: The history of advertisements can be traced back into primitive eras.

An analysis of the holmbergs mistakes as evidenced by charles c mann

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