Anthropology thesis statement

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Anthropology thesis statement

Christian anthropology Augustine of Hippo was one of the first Christian ancient Latin authors with a very clear anthropological vision,[ need quotation to verify ] although it is not clear if he had any influence on Max Schelerthe founder of philosophical anthropology as an independent discipline, nor on any of the major philosophers that followed him.

Augustine has been cited by Husserl and Heidegger as one of the early writers to inquire on time-consciousness and the role of seeing in the feeling of "Being-in-the-world".

In no wise are the bodies themselves to be spurned. For these pertain not to ornament or aid which is applied from without, but to the very nature of man. After the fall of humanity they are now experiencing dramatic combat between one another. They are two categorically different things: It sufficed for him to admit that they were metaphysically distinct.

To be a human is to be a composite of soul and body, and that the soul is superior to the body.

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The latter statement is grounded in his hierarchical classification of things into those that merely exist, those that exist and live, and those that exist, live, and have intelligence or reason. Blasquez, Augustine's dualism of substances of the body and soul doesn't stop him from seeing the unity of body and soul as a substance itself.

Immanuel Kant — taught the first lectures on anthropology in the European academic world. He specifically developed a conception of pragmatic anthropology, according to which the human being is studied as a free agent.

At the same time, he conceived of his anthropology as an empirical, not a strictly philosophical discipline.


Although the majority of philosophers throughout the history of philosophy can be said to have a distinctive " anthropology " that undergirds their thought, philosophical anthropology itself, as a specific discipline in philosophy, arose within the later modern period as an outgrowth from developing methods in philosophy, such as phenomenology and existentialism.

The former, which draws its energy from methodical reflection on human experience first person perspective as from the philosopher's own personal experience, naturally aided the emergence of philosophical explorations of human nature and the human condition.

Scheler sought to apply Husserl's phenomenological approach to different topics. From Scheler laid the foundation for philosophical anthropology as a philosophical discipline, competing with phenomenology and other philosophic disciplines.

Husserl and Martin Heidegger —were the two most authoritative philosophers in Germany at the time, and their criticism to philosophical anthropology and Scheler have had a major impact on the discipline.

Scheler defined the human being not so much as a " rational animal" as has traditionally been the case since Aristotle but essentially as a loving being.

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He breaks down the traditional hylomorphic conception of the human person, and describes the personal being with a tripartite structure of lived bodysouland spirit. Love and hatred are not psychological emotionsbut spiritualintentional acts of the person, which he categorises as "intentional feelings.

Anthropology thesis statement

From the s[ edit ] Ernst Cassirera neo-Kantian philosopher, has been the most influential source for the definition and development of the field from the s till the s.

Infuture pope Karol Wojtyla based his dissertation thesis on Max Scheler, limiting himself to the works Scheler wrote before rejecting Catholicism and the Judeo-Christian tradition in Wojtyla used Scheler as an example that phenomenology could be reconciled with Catholicism.

Anthropology of interpersonal relationships[ edit ] A large focus of philosophical anthropology is also interpersonal relationships, as an attempt to unify disparate ways of understanding the behaviour of humans as both creatures of their social environments and creators of their own values.

It analyses also the ontology that is in play in human relationships — of which intersubjectivity is a major theme. Intersubjectivity is the study of how two individuals, subjects, whose experiences and interpretations of the world are radically different understand and relate to each other.

Studies of language have also gained new prominence in philosophy and sociology due to language's close ties with the question of intersubjectivity. Jackson's study of intersubjectivity[ edit ] The academic Michael D.

Jackson is another important philosophical anthropologist. His research and fieldwork concentrate on existential themes of "being in the world" Dasein as well as interpersonal relationships.

His methodology challenges traditional anthropology due to its focus on first-person experience. In his most well known book, Minima Ethnographica which focuses on intersubjectivity and interpersonal relationships, he draws upon his ethnographic fieldwork in order to explore existential theory.

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In his latest book, Existential Anthropology, he explores the notion of control, stating that humans anthropomorphize inanimate objects around them in order to enter into an interpersonal relationship with them.

In this way humans are able to feel as if they have control over situations that they cannot control because rather than treating the object as an object, they treat it as if it is a rational being capable of understanding their feelings and language.

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