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Table to progress in set increments as illustrated above. At the November OYF meeting, the Executive Committee will review the registrations for each member program and establish the appropriate number of MAL votes for each program.

At the following mandatory January meeting, each member program will designate who their voting MAL are. All individuals designated as voting MAL as well as all voting members must attend the first two commissioners mandated meetings to retain the right to vote.

There will be no proxy votes allowed for any voting position or MAL. If a voting position or assistant, if applicable or MAL cannot attend a meeting, that vote can be assigned to another member, provided that individual meets all the voting criteria.

Any area that wishes to participate in the OYF program shall be required to meet all of these requirements. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the OYF. Have regulation fields, with appropriate facilities for teams to play on. Have trained, certified referees and medical personnel.

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Pay referees comparable to the rates that the OYF pays its officials. Have a similar process to the OYF for selecting new head coaches. One member of Executive Committee will sit on disciplinary committee. Major disciplinary issues will be referred to the OYF Executive Committee with the outside area director being part of the review process.

Follow OYF policy for inspection of all equipment on a yearly basis. Participate in the Jamboree including taking of team photos for Bowl program, and going through final weigh-in.

business plan executive summary length of football

Uniforms and equipment will follow OYF rules, including no decals on helmets and rules regarding names on jerseys. Maintain a phone, either cellular or fixed, that is accessible during scheduled games at their location.

Outside district commissioners are required to provide copies of the registration forms to the OYF League Director. Outside teams may not have enough eligible players at a given age to make a team.

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Compressed teams must adhere to the following guidelines. The team is the basic unit of organization where a group of players is organized under the direction of a coaching staff in order to participate in football.

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior League teams will be organized with returning players who registered during spring sign-ups to their respective teams.

New registrants and returning players that sign-up after May will be added as required to balance team rosters with an objective not to exceed 25 the following players per team: Players may be dropped from a certified roster only by the League Director for a valid reason such as injured and non-recoverable before the close of the season, moving out of area, failing to maintain school marks, etc.

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Additional players may be added to certified rosters only to replace those dropped for valid cause. A player may not be added to temporarily cover the loss of another player who is injured but will return to play before the season ends.

Players may not be traded between teams. A late registrant will be assigned to a team in his school area if an opening exists.

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With the consent of the parent or guardian, the child can be assigned to a team having an opening outside his school area.ARTICLE I: GENERAL SECTION 1 – OBJECTIVES. The main objectives of the program are: To provide a wholesome, enjoyable experience of playing football for youths from ages 6 to 12 years of age, while teaching the basic fundamentals of the game, teamwork, good sportsmanship, discipline and response to leadership.

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business plan executive summary length of football

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