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New YorkNew York20 Junemolecular biology. Though DNA emerged since the mids as the best-known symbol of the new field of molecular biologyChargaff preferred, even insisted, on calling himself a cell chemist, so as to emphasize the primacy of his chemical training and practices in his work on biological material. Chargaff was born to Hermann Chargaff —owner of a small bank, and Rosa Silberstein Chargaff —in the multicultural town of Czernowitz, capital of the easternmost province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Bukovina. To this day, former residents retain a distinct pride in their multicultural background and maintain their own Website.

Erwin chargaff

Usk is in the southeastern part of Wales. His oddly spelled middle name was the result of a mistake at the time of registering his birth, which was never corrected. His place of birth was Kensington Cottage, which stands just across the Usk River from the town of Usk in southeastern Wales.

The Wallaces, who were not Welsh, had been forced to move to Kensington as a measure of economy after Alfred's father squandered most of his inheritance on a series of poor business decisions. They had up to that time lived as an upper middle class family in Hertford just north of London.

Supposedly, the Wallaces were descendants of the Scottish warrior chieftain William Wallace, of Braveheart fame. But, in fact, Alfred left home at such an early age that as an old man he said he knew few specifics about even his more recent ancestors.

One of his typically speculative comments on this topic My Life,vol. Alfred had to stop attending school at the early age of 13, and yet, he educated himself and was eventually the author of many books on evolution and natural history.

While teaching school in Leicester inaged 21, he met Henry Walter Bates — Like Wallace, Bates had left school at an early age and lacked any formal education in natural science. But both were fanatical beetle collectors, and together they scoured Leicestershire Erwin chargaff specimens.

Inafter reading about the adventures of famous naturalist travelers such as Alexander von Humboldt and Charles Darwinthey embarked for Brazil in hopes of a collection bonanza. Lingering near the coast after their arrival, they spent a year collecting in the vicinity of Belem, at the mouth of the Amazon.

Eventually, however, they had a falling out, and Wallace ended up going off on his own. He traveled far inland to explore the Rio Negro, a major river deep in the western Amazon Basin. There, he collected specimens of the flora and fauna, gathered information about the indigenous peoples, and made notes on the geography.

In the summer ofhe tried to return to England with everything he had collected on his inland expedition, but three weeks out at sea his ship, the brig Helen, caught fire and sank. He escaped with the crew, spending ten days at sea in a lifeboat, but thousands of carefully prepared specimens and all of his field notes went down with the ship.

Fortunately, he had insurance and was at least compensated financially for his loss. He also had many specimens that he had shipped home separately before he left Belem for the Rio Negro. He later wrote My Lifep. I was surprised to find myself very cool and collected.

I hardly thought it possible we should escape and I remember thinking it almost foolish to save my watch and the little money I had at hand.

Erwin chargaff

However, after being in the boats some days I began to have more hope, and regretted not having saved some new shoes, cloth coat and trousers, hat, etc. My collections, however, were in the hold and were irretrievably lost.

And now I began to think that almost all the reward of my four years of privation and danger was lost.

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What I had hitherto sent home had little more than paid my expenses and what I had with me in the Helen I estimated would have realized about But even all this might have gone with little regret had not by far the richest part of my own private collection gone also.

All my private collection of insects and birds since I left Para was with me, and comprised hundreds of new and beautiful species, which would have rendered I had fondly hoped my cabinetas far as regards American species, one of the finest in Europe.

Back in London, living on the insurance payment and the proceeds of specimen sales, he spent the next two years publishing several formal papers about his experiences, as well as two books A Narrative of Travels On the Amazon and Rio Negro and Palm Trees of the Amazon.

He then set out again, this time for the Malay Archipelego now Indonesia and Malaysia.The British naturalist, biogeographer, author, humanitarian, Alfred Russel Wallace (Jan. 8, –Nov.

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Erwin chargaff

Heraclitean Fire: Sketches from a Life Before Nature by Erwin Chargaff ()Written works: Heraclitean Fire: Sketches from a Life Before Nature.

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Electric charge is a basic property of elementary particles of matter. The protons in an atom have a positive charge, while its electrons have a negative charge. In an ordinary atom, the number of protons equals the number of electrons, so the atom is electrically neutral.

View the profiles of people named Erwin Chargaff. Join Facebook to connect with Erwin Chargaff and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Austro-Hungarian-born American biochemist and author. Discovered the key facts needed to determine the structure of DNA..

E rwin Chargaff was born in Chernivtsi, a provincial capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in At the outbreak of World War I, his family moved to Vienna, where he attended the Maximiliansgymnasium (now the Gymnasium Wasagasse).

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