Exp105 week 4 discussion 1

You are exhibiting perseverance by enrolling at Ashford University in order to continue your education and earn a degree. The author has developed a list of six factors found in Worksheet 1. Carefully review the questions associated with each of the six factors in Worksheet 1. When you have reflected on your thoughts for each, you are ready to write your response.

Exp105 week 4 discussion 1

General Education EXP Week Discussion 1 Learning in the online environment has many advantages, including convenience and flexibility.

Despite these advantages, students may experience challenges developing online learning skills and need a support system to help ensure academic success. Part I Identify three skills for studying and learning online from Assessment 3.

Develop a brief action plan detailing the steps you will take to develop each skill. Part II Reflect on the people friends, family, co-workers, social group, etc. Who is part of your personal support system? How have they supported and encouraged you in achieving your goals?

Your initial post should contain a minimum of words. Review the action plan that your classmates made and make at least one additional suggestion that may help them improve their studying and learning skills.

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This discussion is asking you to provide four pieces of information: Identify three skills from Assessment 3. A brief action plan for each skill. A brief description of the people in your life that provide you support.

Explanation of how your identified support system has been helpful. Type a heading for each section ex: Three Skills I Need to Improve and then write the information under each heading in complete sentences.

This helps the reader quickly identify your activities and helps you know that you covered all of the requirements for this post.

Exp105 week 4 discussion 1

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EXP Week 5 . EXP Week 4 Discussion 1 Academic writing is a very important component of online learning.

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Exp105 week 4 discussion 1

EXP EXP/ EXP Week 4 Dq 1/ DISCUSSION 1 Self-Regulation [latest] Prepare: As discussed in Chapter 4 and the Week 4 Instructor Guidance, intentional learning requires focus, commitment.

EXP Week 1 DQ 2 Confidence in Yourself as a Learner As Johnston () notes in section of your textbook, “Your thoughts, actions, and feelings play key roles in how you feel about yourself as a learner before, during, and after completing a learning task” (para.


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Exp Week Discussion 1