Funny coursework quotes

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Funny coursework quotes

A comprehensive listing of U.

Funny coursework quotes

Catholic schools, their staffs, e-mail addresses, listings of diocese education offices, suppliers and other information Here is a another source for links to Catholic dioceses across the U.

Advantages Catholic schools do tend to have several advantages: Religious, moral and character goals: Such ideals are built into the educational program rather than layered on top of it, of paramount importance to many parents. Catholic schools have a substantial degree of autonomy when it comes to day-to-day operations especially as compared to public schools which labor under a bewildering maze of district and state bureaucracies and regulations.

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That freedom does come with a cost: The better and larger schools have committees, boards, and parent organizations to take on a lot of the above, but everything still comes to the principal's desk for approval, and if anything goes wrong, the principal's the one who answers for it.

I'd never take it on in a million years, and am amazed at the dedication and energy of those who do it successfully. Since most decisions are made locally, with minimal staffing, Catholic schools are generably able to make quick Funny coursework quotes, for example, when a promising teacher candidate becomes available.

It's not unusual for the administration and teachers of a Catholic school to show unusual commitment to the goals and practices of the school, staying for years or for whole careers despite a salaries often lower than offered in government schools.

Funny coursework quotes But the schools of the Chicago Archdiocese have some limitations and disadvantages as well: Getting information about public school districts can be challenging and contentious.

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But that may be a piece of cake compared to uncovering any level of detail about academics in Catholic schools. Just try to obtain the official Science Curriculum Framework of the Archdiocese of Chicago, or the detailed version of their new "Genesis" plan, and you'll see what we mean.

Unlike the public schools, there is no Freedom of Information Act to help, either.


The Catholic Archdiocese in Chicago actively promotes via conferences, newsletters, in-service programs and its own "standards" most of the same educational fads infecting public schools.

Yes, this is utterly contrary to the expectation that many people have about Catholic schools. Marty Frauenheim, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Archdiocese of Chicago, interviewed on radio program Catholic Schools Today, May 14, "The learning process is [now] much more student-centered than teacher-centered.

Marty Frauenheim, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Archdiocese of Chicago, interviewed in the Catholic New World, September 3, As yet another example, here is an excerpt from a "vision statement" from the Chicago Archdiocese's Office of Catholic Schools, which proclaims a belief in progressivist "student-centered" methods: The schools will be student-centered learning communities where all feel welcome and where the excitement of learning is dominant and pervasive.

Louis Chandler click here studied public and Catholic schools in Ohio. He concluded that, on average, today's Catholic schools were more progressivist and less traditional than the public schools. Peter Laurier of the Catholic School Blogger wrote to us to agree, Sadly, you're right on target in pointing out the susceptibility of diocesan school systems to progressivist fads.

Superintendents and principals look to modernize the "old-fashioned" curricula in Catholic schools to attract upper middle class parents who want to see computers in every classroom, brand new textbooks, and the like -- and forget that it was the traditional model of education teacher, chalkboard, desks in rows, and hard work that brought us the academic success we've enjoyed in the first instance.

One diocese here in New England, in rewriting its math curriculum, called the local state college's education department to consult with the curriculum committee, and produced a document rife with constructivist assumptions and emphases on "critical thinking" and "number sense" that the NCTM shudder would have been proud of.

Not having read up at all on the math wars or national education issues, the superintendent just went along with what the "experts" told him, and the schools' standards are suffering. The Archdiocese "School Improvement Process" SIP also prefers that a school conform to progressivist standards such as its new math standard rather than to respond to what its parents demand and its marketplace indicates.

Shadowy centralized curriculum standards: The central schools office of the Chicago Archdiocese clearly has the intention of forcing progressivist changes and making the academic programs in Catholic schools much more like those in dismal public school neighbors.

In Novembercurriculum head Barbara O'Block talked about "implementation of the new math, science, health and religion curricula" and in Februarysuperintendent Nicholas Wolsonovich said, "our new science, health and catechesis curriculums will be introduced in March of this year.

Within three years, all curricula will be completely revised and introduced in our schools. New mathematics, science and health curricula were introduced in At least with the public schools you can file FOIA requests to try to sleuth out what the progressivists are scheming to do to your school.

In the Chicago area Catholic schools, just drop your kid at the door and pray! The Chicago Archdiocese mandates that its schools administer the Terra Nova test. Policies encourage conformity rather than marketplace solutions: The freedom that individual schools have in "site-based" decisions such as teacher hiring, schedules, and so on, does not extend to major changes in direction.

For example, the Chicago Archdiocese mandates that "Principal applicants must be approved by the Office of Catholic Schools to seek an administrative position in the schools of the Archdiocese of Chicago" and further that "All new and transfer principals, lay and religious, must have prior approval of the Archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools before applying for the position of principal in a local school.

The "School Improvement Process" SIP evaluates schools by their conformance to a standardizes checklist, and gives no credit for a school carving out a distinct mission responsive to its market.Related Post of Funny quotes about homework marketing dissertations list soccer research paper yates cognitive behavioral therapy homework pros and cons speech.

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