Human resources development assignment

No parts of it are allowed to be copied or distributed in any form and without getting written consent from MBA Winner. The essay explores the changing and developing role of HRM in providing a corporate and strategic dimension to an organization s life-cycle. By making use of the literature the essay identifies a number of organizational areas that are believed to be critical when a corporation seeks to inter-link its Human Resource Management Practices with its strategy. The structure of the essay is divided into six sections which are as follows:

Human resources development assignment

Human resource development is an important aspect for every business as the development of the human resource of the organisation leads the organisation towards the success.

Sample Human Development Assignment

Training and development aspect need to be considered by the organisation for the development of human resource and for this there is a need to analyse the different aspects and theories related to human resource development.

This program will be conducted into four different tasks and in task 1 a presentation will be prepared which will cover the different learning styles, role and importance of learning in the workplace and evaluation of the learning style and theories during the planning and designing phase of the learning event.

Task 2 will discuss the need of training by staff for the different levels, advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in the workshop and use of a systematic approach for planning a training and development workshop for the team. Task 3 will cover the evaluation with the help of a suitable technique and review of the effectiveness of the methods used in the workshop and alternative method for the workshop.

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Task 4 will discuss therole of the government in relation with training, development and lifelong learning of an individual, the manner in which the development of competency movement will create impact over the organisations and manner in which contemporary training initiatives being introduced by the government of United Kingdom contributes to the development of human resource of the organisation.

Clarks was founded by Cyrus Clark and James Clark in the year The headquarter of Clarks is located in Street, Somerset, England. It is offering different footwear products to its customers including Desert Trek, Wallabee, Joyance sandal and Desert Boot and the number of employees employed by Clarks is 15, Clarks is having more than branded stores around the globe as well as supplies products to the third party distributor.

Differences in the mind-set of the people have resulted in the use ofthe different types of learning styles so as to make them understand the aspects in a better manner. There are two aspects which create impact over the techniques of learning of the individual and these aspects are the behaviour of the individual and the intuitive factors.

These styles of learning include: The use of the different learning styles depends upon the situations and is used as per the suitability of the situation.

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Visual learning style is suitable in the situations where the employees need to be informed about the manner in which particular activity will be carried out, verbal learning is used when the employees need to be informed about the rules and regulations of the business, logical learning is used when the employees need to be information about the software used by the organisations and social learning is commonly used for training of the employees.

This slide covers the role of learning curve. Learning curve can be understood as a graph which is capable of showing the increase in the learning of the individual with the experience.

Human resources development assignment

Transferring learning helps an individual in using the technology on the requirement of the task in an effective manner.

Slide 8 and Slide 9: And these contributions include: It helps in the execution of the activities within time and precise manner. Management of the thinking of the individual and in the process of learning. Helps in the application of the general rules and concepts for solving the problems.Assignment Help» ; Samples» ; Human Resource Management» ; Sample on Human Resource Development; Introduction to Human Resource Development.

Human Resource Development is the framework which is designed to help employees to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Mar 03,  · has implemented several training and development initiatives with a strong focus on lifelong learning for continuous professional development of the labour force and the employability of people in the working age group/5(K).

Human Resource Development includes such opportunities as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, mentoring, succession planning, key employee identification, tuition assistance, and organization development.

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The human resources department helps an organization to its development by assessing the changing needs of the organization and equipping workers with the necessary tools. Get the best Locus assignment help in Unit 23 Human Resource Development Sample Assignment taught in level 4 business course in all UK college Assessing how contemporary training initiatives introduced by the UK government contribute to human resources development for an organization of your choice.

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