Implications for the future paper essay

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Implications for the future paper essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Implications for the Future Communities around the world face pollution problems on one level or another.

Pollution exists in a number of forms, including noise, air, land, water, indoor, and outdoor. Humans are affected by pollution both physically and emotionally through the effect on the environment and physical health. The purpose of this paper is to review one pollution problem faced by a community, how the problem affects the psychological health of the community and purpose a solution to that problem.

The chosen topic for this paper is water control which will include the pollution problem of water control, the effects on humans, conservation techniquesand barriers to solving the problem. Psychology and the Preservation of the Environment A diverse relationship exists between psychology and the preservation of the environment.

The world of psychology covers an extremely huge realm, which is full of different areas and much information. Inside this realm is the notion of the environment, which surrounds human beings.

Resources have grown less available over the years. When compared to many years ago when resources like water were in abundance and human beings did not need to concern themselves with running out of this resource, today water and other resources are revealing signs of extreme reduction.

Implications for the future paper essay

This indicates that if the population does not work to conserve these resources, they could evaporate ultimately. One main relationship or connection between psychology and preservation is behavior.

Human beings behave in a certain manner, which is influenced by their capability and willingness.

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These behaviors can possess an effect on the preservation of the natural environment. The following is an example of the need for adaptive behavior for the occurrence of water conservation. If a human being possesses a large swimming pool, he or she will most likely be adding water on a normal basis to keep water in the pool and to keep it clean.

In addition cleaning and replacing filthy water for clean water is an excellent way to maintain a sanitary swimming pool. However, certain individuals exist who quickly refill their swimming pools with more water once a small amount is splashed out.

When a decrease in water availability exists, a human being must alter his or her behavior to preserve water. Furthermore, an individual must be willing to desist from refilling his or her water when this happens. This involves certain behavior alterations, which if an individual can achieve can create a huge contribution to his or her environment.

However, if an individual does not change his or her behavior, the government body that observes the accessibility of water will need to create a decision regarding how to decrease the water consumption.

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Numerous issues regarding preserving and conserving the environment possess a focus throughout psychology. Young children will learn to preserve water and other natural resources. Furthermore, the generation of these young children will adapt easier compared to their parents who knowingly had to change their behavior to preserve the natural resources within their environment.

What this act was to ensure is that there are regulations put in place for the pollutants entering the water from point sources in the United States. Industries are given a limit of how much and how they are disposing of harmful chemicals that will either go directly into the water or into sources that will reach water supplies NPDES.

Workplaces, factories, and manufacturing plants have been fined, but still continue to release harmful toxins that go against the regulations of the CWA Dissenting, The issue with this is that the problem still arises and many of these places are not punished for the crimes they are committing Dissenting, Penalties need to be more extensive with laws that also state that after so many offenses that the factories are shut down with a possible permanent license removal.

Second offense would be the same although time that elapses without license or permit is to be extended. It is difficult to know what one is buying when he or she flips to the back of a product and still many of the ingredients are unrecognizable.

Many people will pay more money for products in the hopes of buying a product that will be better for the environment, themselves, and family. There are many simple tricks, or products people may use that they generally have lying around the house.EVOLUTION TRENDS The "INFORMATION AGE" & its Evolution into the "Holographic Age" Challenges & Realistic Goals For Survival & Creating A Desirable Future.

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Implications for the future paper essay

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