Innovative techniques in the sound and

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Innovative techniques in the sound and

Innovative Single Family Techniques Encouraging housing diversity and affordable options in single family communities What are innovative single family techniques? Innovative single family techniques encourage housing Innovative techniques in the sound and and density in single family zones while maintaining the single-family character.

These techniques can also promote affordable housing options. Why is it important to plan using innovative single family techniques?

Single family techniques can encourage affordable housing options in both new and existing single family neighborhoods. Reducing land and infrastructure costs through small-lot housing alternatives and more compact development can translate into lower per-unit housing costs when compared with more traditional single family development.

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Some strategies can assist in creating affordable rental options, while maintaining the single family character of a neighborhood. In newly developing single family zones, jurisdictions can use a range of development incentives and other strategies to encourage projects that incorporate some homes affordable to moderate- and low-income households.

Single family techniques can add to the visual appeal and character of a neighborhood by providing a variety of house and lot sizes and styles. Added density that arises from compact forms of development can also help a community achieve its broader housing, land use, capital facility, environmental and transportation planning goals.

Which communities should consider planning with innovative single family techniques? All communities can benefit from encouraging increased housing diversity in single family zones. Single family zones usually comprise the largest land area of a city, so the opportunities to augment housing density and choice can be substantial.

Communities experiencing growth pressure and a need for more affordable housing, but lacking developable single family land, are prime candidates for these measures because they increase the development capacity of existing land.

Incorporating innovative development approaches into traditional single family subdivisions can contribute to the visual appeal, character and diversity of a neighborhood, as well as provide affordable options for first-time and lower-income homebuyers.

Workforce housing in expensive single family markets. Communities dominated by relatively expensive single-family homes can employ these tools to encourage other forms of housing accessible to a broader range of income levels.

These tools can help to provide housing options for moderate- and low-wage workers who would not otherwise be able to afford a home in the community where they are employed. Jurisdictions looking to address an aging population can consider small-lot, shared common area and accessory dwelling unit strategies as demand increases for smaller and more accessibly located housing options with fewer maintenance requirements.

Rural lands and sensitive areas. Rural communities and urban areas located near agricultural or resource lands and critical areas can employ techniques to cluster development away from sensitive areas, while still meeting housing goals.

What are some strategies to encourage innovative single family development? Measures to boost density and housing choices in single family zones are often implemented through ordinances that overlay or amend existing zoning regulations.

Featured strategies include promoting accessory dwelling units, offering density bonuses or other forms of incentive zoning, reducing parking requirements and enacting a small lot ordinance.

Developing a community outreach plan and strategy and design guidelines can also assist the process. Permitting accessory dwelling units, cottage housing, and townhomes provides new, more affordable housing types in existing single family areas, while maintaining the single family character of a neighborhood.

Minimum density, small lots, flexible single family regulations, zero-lot line, short plat and lot size averaging policies permit moderate increases in density in both developed and undeveloped single family areas. These strategies encourage and allow infill development, which can add density and diversity to single family areas.

Enacting policies and programs can help preserve existing affordable homes subject to redevelopment pressures. Master planned communities and planned unit developments can provide a flexible regulatory environment to induce a range of densities, housing types and land uses within a specific development.

These approaches can be used to promote diverse mixed-income, mixed-use communities by incorporating small lot single family alternatives like cottage units and townhomes, along with more traditional single family and multifamily housing forms, commercial development, services, open space and community facilities within the same development.

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Innovative techniques in the sound and

Innovative single family techniques encourage housing diversity and density in single family zones while maintaining the single-family character. These techniques can also promote affordable housing options. Asynchronous sound effects are not matched with a visible source of the sound on screen. Such sounds are included so as to provide an appropriate emotional .

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