Kids braille writing activities

However, children with vision impairments may require additional help to get them involved in the literacy process, which can be easily missed because of the lack of vision.

Kids braille writing activities

Grades With a ball-point pen or washable markertouch a location on the skin of a blindfolded person your subject. A small pen mark should be left behind. While your subject is still blindfolded, give the person a pen of a different color and ask him to touch the point that was just touched by you.

Measure the distance from this guessed point to the actual point that was touched. Try different areas of the body and compare the distances between the actual point and the guessed point. What part of the body has the least distance between the actual point and guessed point?

Blind people do - they read with the "Braille" alphabet.

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Each Braille letter is a series of raised spots. People read Braille by moving their fingers over the letters. Try making some of your own Braille letters.

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Cut out squares 2 inches by 2 inches of cork or cardboard. Draw a letter on the square. Now stick the sharp ends of pins into the outline of each letter.

Blindfold a subject, then have the subject try to identify the letter by feeling the blunt ends of the pins with just his or her fingertips. How many pins do you need for successful letter identification?

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Remove some pins and try it again. Make a short letter word with your Braille letters. Can your subject read the word? Pins - one side should have a small ball or be blunt Marker or Pen or Pencil - to draw outline of letters Blindfold Tactile Double Trouble Grades K-6 How about a little comparison shopping?

Collect some small object "pairs" such as two identical bottle caps, two paper clips, two marbles, etc. Put one item from each pair into two separate bags.

kids braille writing activities

So now you have one set of objects in one bag and the matching objects in another bag. Reach into the bags and pull out the pairs. To make things harder, use object pairs that are only slightly different from each other, such as grades of sand paper or different sizes of marbles.

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Another way to play Double Trouble is to put one set of objects in a bag and have a friend hold up the objects. To play, the friend will hold up the item he or she wants you to find in the bag. See how long it takes to find it.This year we are continuing to produce, in UEB Braille, the National Geographic Kids magazine.

This magazine encourages readers to protect the planet’s resources and to learn more about geography, adventure, wildlife, science, and their peers around the world.

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Join the popular membership section!! In addition to typical literacy activities, persons who are blind use braille for many daily tasks that sighted persons take for granted, such as using recipes to cook, measuring wood before cutting it with a power tool, and reading aloud to their children.

Snail Crafts and Activities for Children This is a great for children to practice their writing skills. They will enjoy writing letters and using their snail to deliver their snail mail in the mail pouch.

Children use a braille code to figure out a message that says either, "God Loves You" or "I Love you". Also included in the book are.

kids braille writing activities

In a school environment, visual impairments can cause difficulties when it comes to traditional reading and writing activities, reading at a distance, distinguishing colors, recognizing shapes and participating in physical education games which require acute vision, such as softball and kickball.

""Reading without Seeing" Learning Packet - Article about Braille, Braille Writing Activities, and a fun Braille Decoding Puzzle" See more "Great List of activities for introducing and enhancing braille literacy.

This would help kids who couldn't see well read." .

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