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Interpreting this test result is straightforward—a celiac on the gluten-free diet should have a negative test. The numerical value of the test is not important.

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The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center recommends additional Labs for free, because the tTG test can sometimes be inaccurate in people with autoimmune disorders like Type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease.

In addition, the tTG can sometimes become negative before a celiac has actually experienced significant healing.

There are two types that need to be run: In this circumstance, the numerical values of the tests are very important. The numbers should be as close to zero as possible, indicating a minimal antibody response to gluten.

Labs for free

Follow Up Test 1: This test result should be negative. This result should have a very low negative value. In this case, the numerical value does matter, because a high negative test result still indicates that a patient is eating gluten.

A low negative indicates that the diet is working well. And so began my 19 month journey into gluten madness.

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I verified that all of my medications were gluten-free by the way, glutenfreedrugs. I dumped all of my personal care products that contained Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Vitamin E which is often derived from wheat germ oil in the trash and started using gluten-free shampoo, etc I talked more about gluten and personal care products in this post.

Heck, I even started making my own body scrubs, deodorant, lip balms and household cleaners! And this was when I also began making most of my own foods from scratch…to say that I had become a glutadoodle glutenphobe is putting it mildly, I was scared senseless!

After implementing all those changes, I was confident that my next blood test would show perfect zeroes, but alas, it did not although it did come down quite a bit, but that is still not good enough. My Followup Celiac Panel I made sure my doctor included the anti-gliadin antibody tests this time: Now, there could be several different reasons for this: I could be one of the celiacs who reacts to even certified gluten-free oats Diversity in oat potential immunogenicity: Although I only buy flours that are labeled gluten-free and have been since my followup test…prior to which, I used to buy Quaker Corn Meal, which is NOT labeled gluten-freeI want to share some critical studies that were published in by Tricia Thompson, R.Don’t worry, you can always convert to a Lifetime Membership or cancel easily.

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Labs for free

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