Left handed people

Types[ edit ] Right-handedness is the most common type. Right-handed people are more skillful with their right hands when performing tasks. Left-handed people are more skillful with their left hands when performing tasks.

Left handed people

Lefties Left handed people a considerable amount less money than their right-handed peers. Upon examination of data from the U. The pay gap between lefties and righties becomes even starker when examined through the gender lens. How can as slight a difference as being a rightie versus a leftie create such a sizable difference in pay?

According to Goodman's findings, the pay gap can be linked to "observed differences in cognitive skills and emotional behavioral problems. Lefties do more manual labor, while right-handed people tend to be knowledge workers.

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And, Goodman notes, this isn't because of differences in physical abilities — it's because of those differences in cognitive capabilities. These discrepancies between lefties and righties' cognitive capabilities can signal educational problems for lefties, who are "slightly less likely than right-handers to graduate from college," Vox reports.

Left-handers are more likely to have speech problems and learning disabilities, and they tend to fall in the lowest percentage of scores on math and reading test more often than righties.

Goodman's findings contradict previous perceptions of lefties. And previous studies found lefties "to be more likely among very high scorers on the SAT, and more likely to have an IQ above ," Bloomberg View reports.

And while those tendencies could still be true, Goodman's findings seem to suggest that those special talents only pertain to a small portion of left-handers. In yet another fascinating discovery, Goodman found that the leftie disadvantages only apply to lefties who have right-handed mothers.

Lefties with leftie moms are on par with righties. So those exceptional lefties likely came from lefties. This likely has to do with the fact that leftie kids can better learn to adapt to a right-handed world when they can watch a left-handed mom navigate through it.

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But unfortunately for most lefties, the setbacks probably outweigh the possibility of perks. It doesn't seem fair: Weren't those problems with elementary school desks and scissors already making life hard enough?Left-handed people make up % of the population, but we live in a right-handed world.

Most gadgets, office supplies, cooking supplies, and various other objects are catered for right-handed folks. Being Left Handed is the number one site for left-handed facts, instructions, forums, products, videos and any information related to being left handed.

“This made sense as left-handed people are right brained meaning they are more creative, analytical, verbal, and have better language skills, all of which are traits necessary to being a good. Since most right-handed people use the left hemisphere of the brain to process language, that must mean that left-handed people think with the right side of the brain, right?

Not necessarily.

Left-Handed Toons (by right-handed people)

Dr. The brains and bodies of lefties may operate differently than those of right-handed people (and in mixed-handed people, who may have different dominant hands for different tasks).

Left handed people

Left-handed people are a rare breed—only 10 percent of the general population is a lefty. There isn't a definite scientific explanation of why people are left-handed, and although it might be an.

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