Online behavioral targeting and consumer privacy issues essay

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Online behavioral targeting and consumer privacy issues essay

In particular, behavioral targeting, which essentially tracks our use of the web so that advertisers can push ads to us that are specifically tailored to our interests, gives a lot of people pause.

Online behavioral targeting and consumer privacy issues essay

In its recently released report, the FTC made recommendations which seek to balance the potential benefits of behavioral advertising against privacy concerns and encourage privacy protections while maintaining a competitive marketplace.

At that time, the FTC sought public comment on its preliminary set of principles for self-regulation of online behavioral advertising.

The latest report summarizes the comments received by industry insiders, responds to the main issues raised in those comments and establishes revised principles intended to guide the industry.

Such principles include the encouragement of transparency and consumer control, with the expectation that website operators provide clear and prominent notice regarding behavioral advertising and effective disclosure mechanisms that are separate from their privacy policies so that Internet users understand what information is being collected, how and for what purposes.

It is certainly a daunting task, especially because much of the technology used to track Internet use is done on the back-end, which is not seen by users.

Online behavioral targeting and consumer privacy issues essay

While this provides efficiency for advertisers and website operators, it makes it more difficult to let users known when they are being tracked. The key issues have been, and will continue to be, notice and choice of consumers.

Although these will continue to be difficult waters to navigate for the foreseeable future, particularly in the mobile space, the advertising community is definitely taking notice that an informed and concerned consumer base needs to be convinced of the benefits of behavioral targeting in practice, as opposed to in theory.

There will undoubtedly be more to discuss on this issue soon. Related Areas of Focus.This report provides a guide to the online behavioral targeting and contextual-based advertising markets. The study addresses consumer acceptance and privacy concerns related to . About Online Behavior This website is a source of knowledge for website owners and analysts looking to understand how their online customers behave.

But that's not all, understanding does not make a website better, action is required. Behavioural Targeting for e-commerce A briefing on the options for creating more relevant, personalised offers for online shoppers A recent report from Razorfish showed that 76% of businesses.

Online behavioral advertising (also called targeted online advertising and more recently interest-based advertising (IBA)) means the tracking consumer ’s online activities over time — including the searches the consumer has conducted, the web pages visited, and the content viewed — in order to deliver advertising targeted to the.

Online behavioral targeting (OBT), the tracking of a consumer's online activities in order to develop a behavioral profile of the consumer, is a rapidly growing technique that enables advertisers. This Essay examines a set of emerging problems in election law-the increased use of online behavioral advertising to target voters, the failure of the law to address deceptive campaign tactics, and the convergence of these two issues in an Internet-based society.1 The Essay begins with a .

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