Sales management paper

Describe different types of Marketing Research. What are the different phases in Marketing Research process. Describe the pros and cons of any two data collection methods. What are the disciplines that contributed to Consumer Behaviour as a subject of study?

Sales management paper

Which of the following comes under role of a salesman? All of the above 2. None of the above 3. None of the above 4. None of the above 5. Sales management paper are the shopkeepers who set up shops in the market place to cater to the needs of hundreds of consumers a.

Which one of the following is the 2nd stage of Product life cycle? Sales volume quotas b. All of the above Which of the following comes under financial incentives? All of the above Part Two 1. List the different types of forecasting methods?

Define the purpose of sales budget? How would you explain the Distribution Strategy? The sales and marketing office was located in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Swish flow was a newly established company and for its first year of operations, the company decided to recruit five salesperson to cover major metros and cities of Maharashtra.

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The staffing process included the sales manager deciding the job qualifications salespersons based on what he learnt in the MBA programme. The administration manger was asked to place the advertisement in the local newspapers. The resumes of applicants were forwarded to Sunil Kumar, who screened the same and sent interview calls to about ten applicants.

The interviews were conducted by Sunil Kumar and the marketing director and the selected candidates were given the appointment letters. Some of the candidates had a problem of finding suitable residence, but the company policy did not provide any consideration for he3 same. Sunil Kumar conducted one-week training programme and generally guided the new salesperson, who reported to him directly.

There was a delay in the receipt of the fans from the factory, located at Baroda in Gujarat. During this period of three months, Sunil Kumar was asked to conduct market surveys and look after advertising function of the entire group. He asked the salespersons to collect market information on various other products like water purifiers, power tillers, and so on in which the group was interested to diversify.

During this period, two salespersons suddenly stopped coming to work, after collecting their salaries of the previous working month.

What improvements do you suggest in the staffing process followed by the company? Was Sunil Kumar right in getting market surveys done by the new salesperson? Caselet 2 Snow White Paper Company is located in an agricultural belt about kilometers from a metro city.

The company is into writing and printing papers. Its primary raw material is wheat straw. Last year, the company had a turnover of Rs. While preparing the business plan for the current year, the top management was concerned with the following distribution issue that they want you to help resolve: They make a commission of about 2 percent on all transactions.

It is expected that the agent provides the credit support to the buyer. They have a grip on the business and are reluctant to put the mill directly in touch with the buyers.

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How can you help Snow White become less dependent on the selling agents and plan its sales and profitability better? How can they plan their customer service efforts?An example will be when it comes to advices and encouragements given by the superior or the working colleagues to do a job well.

This basically gives a salesperson a sense of belonging and direction and thus in turn motivates them to do better in their sales. Examination Paper of Sales Management IIBM Institute of Business Management Examination Paper MM Sales and Distribution Management Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 marks) This section consists of Multiple Choices & Short Note type questions.

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– 18 The following financial figures relate to Jolly for a year: 20X2 $ Sales 50, Cost of sales (10,) Gross profit 40, Expenses (15,) Net profit 25, Capital employed , What is the asset turnover ratio for 20X2?

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Sales management paper

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