The influence of tiger woods in the field of golf

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The influence of tiger woods in the field of golf

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Most modern games then eventually developed into a more recognizable version in the last years or so. In this respect, golf differs from its sporting counterparts. Though golf's origins lie in the ball-and-stick games of ancient times, the modern game of golf dates as far back as the s in Britain, and more specifically Scotland.

In its early days, Scottish kings - James II and James IV - actually outlawed the game, believing the popularity of the sport conflicted with military training. However, King James IV himself became enamored with the sport by the s, and in the early s, in a short peace with England, the game became popular there as well, though when the two countries were back at war with each other, golf receded in England again.

Mary, Queen of Scots often played, her clubs carried by students she called "cadets. James II organized the first international match, between England and Scotland.

The courses back then were not always as seen in today's sport; golf in the 17th century was not as formally arranged, with little organization regarding the number of holes or even official rules.

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Formal golf courses did exist, however: Andrew's were regularly attended by the upper classes and nobility. Blackheath was founded as early aswhile St. Andrews Royal and Ancient Club was founded in ; yet St. Andrew's lays claim as the cradle of golf.

Lower classes played on open land; early illustrations of the sport show men playing among herds of sheep.

The influence of tiger woods in the field of golf

The early balls were made of feather and leather. In their earliest form, they were extremely difficult to make, and the makers could only produce about four or five per day per man.

The influence of tiger woods in the field of golf

Balls became slightly cheaper to make by the midth century, but would still cost too much to make golf balls accessible to the lower classes. However, the biggest difference between old golf clubs and modern ones was the use.

Originally, irons were used only for getting out of difficult spots: Irons were rarely used for approaches, and woods were used almost exclusively in most parts of the game. Today, while iron clubs are still used for hitting out of tough spots those clubs are called wedgesirons are also used for the approach, a development that did not occur until the mids.

This was helped greatly by the establishment of golf clubs not the equipment. Ina group of golfers calling themselves "Gentlemen of Honour" formed the Company of Gentlemen Golfers, now known as the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, believed to be the oldest golf club in the world.

The Honourable Company also drew up a set of rules for golf, and when the Society of St. Andrews Golfers came up with the St. Andrews code inthey drew heavily from the Honourable Company's rules. These early clubs are actually aberrations: Additionally, no golf club was formed outside of Scotland beforewhen the Honourable Company of Golfers was founded at Blackheath.

By the s, the United Kingdom had around 35 clubs. The first club formed outside of the U. Modern Golf Takes its Form: The changes that primarily spurned this modernization were to the equipment of the game.

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Up togolf balls, as previously stated, were featheries, made of feathers and leather. Ina man named Rev. Adam Patterson was said to have created the first gutta percha ball, or "guttie," a ball made of the rubber-like sap of he Gutta tree, native to the tropics.

The guttie was much cheaper to make than its predecessor, and quickly became the standard of golf. Additionally, gutties were much easier to repair, which added to their popularity. Initially the gutta percha balls were smooth, unlike the featheries, which cut down on the distance they could travel.

However, in the s, manufacturers began using patterns on the surface of the balls to replicate the effect of the old featheries.Tiger Woods timeline: Documenting three years of struggles on and off the course golf April 11, pm EDT January 25, pm EST Woods has struggled on and off the course over the last.

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