The life and contributions of malcolm x

Visit Website After the eighth grade, Malcolm dropped out of school, headed for a life of crime. Turning to an ascetic way of life and reading widely, he began to overcome the degradation he had known.

The life and contributions of malcolm x

He was an activist that praised race pride and Black Nationalism in America in the s, back in the days where racism towards black was still prominent. At the age of four, Malcom Little had to move out twice because his family was chased out by the Black Legion, the white supremacist organization.

Years later, Malcolm Little moved to Boston with his friend where he was sentenced to ten years of prison for robbery. When he went back to school, Malcolm discovered the organization Nation of Islam, a religious organization that praises the practice of Islam where his brother was an active member.

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He also met Elijah Mohammad, which was the leader of Nation of Islam. He spread his opinion around newspapers, radios and television, to deliver the message of the Nation of Islam. His fame was then remarked by the FBI.

The life and contributions of malcolm x

Even his own bodyguard was also a spy. The FBI knew that Malcolm X was planned on being killed at any given moment, arousing several attempts on his life.

However, on February 21stthree assassins precipitated on stage when he was shot during his speech in New York. The reason why I found this character to be interesting to discuss because, personally, I have been reading, writing and expressing my own thoughts about human rights, and Malcom X was one of most important characters that fought for that matter and that had left a trace of his actions but that is not often spoken about nor mentioned.

The reason why there was a Black Legion, back then, was because the white people in America knew what the black society were capable of. Intelligent, brilliant and strategic, the African-American always had the potential to take important roles in the society and matter to their country.

A great example to reflect to modern society is the current President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, which is the first black man to govern the country. It may have a link with the apartheid that is shown in Islamophobia, currently happening all around the world.

Muslims have a potential of taking significant functions in their country and to contribute in the society they live in. Still today, people attack how they dress, and how they live by generalizing that all Muslims are dangerous to the society. Women are attacked for who they are and how they dress just as the African-American were menaced back then, which distances them from society and do not leave place for integration.

Also, we still need activism today because racism and xenophobia is still present and alive, when we should have passed that stage and try to solve other problems that are more modern.Oct 29,  · Watch video · Malcolm X had predicted that, though he had but little time to live, he would be more important in death than in life.

Foreshadowings of his martyrdom are found in The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Program of the Organization of Afro-American Unity Malcolm X, et al.

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(taken from the Malcolm X Museum). note - this was originally supposed to be presented on Feb. 15, but since Malcolm's home was fire-bombed, this was delayed for a week -- Feb. 21, to be exact -- the day he was assassinated also, the addresses at the end are probably no longer functional (to my knowledge, the OAAU no.

Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention is a biography of Malcolm X written by American historian Manning Marable. It won the Pulitzer Prize for History.. described this as "an exploration of the legendary life and provocative views of one of the most significant African-Americans in U.S.

history, a work that separates fact from fiction and blends the heroic and tragic.". The life of Malcolm X, who was murdered forty years ago this month, spanned a trajectory from oppression and victimization to inchoate rebellion and revolutionary autonomy. His was a voyage from resistance to an informed radicalism.

The life and contributions of malcolm x

It was a journey from which he ultimately gathered political and. In , the New York Times reported that Malcolm X was the second most sought after speaker in the United States.

On June 29, Malcolm lead the Unity Rally in Harlem. It was one of the nations largest civil rights events. In , the New York Times reported that Malcolm X was the second most sought after speaker in the United States.

On June 29, Malcolm lead the Unity Rally in Harlem. It was one of the nations largest civil rights events.

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